By Patrick Chiriba

Calling it a single parents’ guide to strategic parenting, Wanja Gathogo launched her new book at the Sinapis Alumni networking event in Ratna Square, Nyali.

The book titled “Flying Solo and Soaring” contains over 20 pages of lessons meant to empower single mothers as they seek to be more intentional in their choices for their children.

Speaking during the book launch, Wanja attributed her personal experience as the book’s motive.

“This particular book or the theme of the book is because of a personal experience, and I am a big person or a big believer in being the change you want to see,” Wanja said.

Wanja also recounted her parenting time and how she soldiered despite her challenges.

She added: “Instead of sitting and lamenting about everything that wasn’t there I decided to become the change I want to see and offer others a support system for good and better parenting.”

Responding to a question about the greatest hurdle she overcame when writing the book, Wanja said that creating and packaging information was not easy since her target audience was single parents.

“The person I was writing for was a single parent. This person does not have time. I wanted to package my information in such a way that a person can read the book while going to work, and by the time they arrive, they’ll be done with it,” she said.

The book is divided into eight chapters. Each chapter starts with a story. Every story explains why that chapter has been written and every story is an experience.

Wanja Gathogo is a life coach and a podcaster. Her podcasts are recorded at Dominiek Studio and are available on Anchor, Spotify.

The book launch was graced by Sinapis Go Blue Now, Pwani Designs and Creations, Baus Taka, and Youth Empowerment Program Initiative (YEPI).