By Allan Kai & Gilbert Were

Konza Technopolis Development Authority led by their CEO, Eng. John Tanui, on Monday visited The Swahili Pot Hub in Mombasa.

As part of their initiative to incorporate youth, especially on matters relating to information technology and creative arts, KoTDA has been making rounds in technology hubs such as Swahili Pot, to try and establish relationships that may come in handy when the Konza city Technopolis is completed.

Speaking to Gilitics Media, Tanui said that they are “seeking to have coordination between The Swahili Pot Hub, and all the other hubs around the country to create synergy among them, to generate new ideas and to enable our start ups to grow into serious businesses.”

He also called upon the youth to read the BBI report and to take advantage of the tax exemption of seven years for start ups

The team was hosted by the Hub’s patron, Mahmoud Noor who welcomed the opportunity to work with KoTDA so as to enable young innovators from Mombasa to play a role in the Konza Technopolis.

Noor said that he believes Konza city will be the Kenyan version of Silicon valley, calling it the ‘Silicon Savannah’ where “we can benefit from the expertise, linkages and partnerships,” so as to have some input in the development project as well as implementing the ideas in Mombasa.

KoTDA is a semi-autonomous government agency tasked with building Kenya’s first smart techno city whose aim is to create a new economic drive for the nation, aimed at advancing Kenya’s global role in Innovation, Technology and Knowledge.