By Mapenzi Kitsao

In a show of gratitude to the people of Changamwe constituency and Mombasa County, Senator Mohamed Faki, in collaboration with Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir and his office, organized a special event at Bomu Stadium on Saturday.

The event, hosted by MP Omar Mwinyi, aimed to give back to the community that supported their leadership aspirations during the August 9th, 2022 elections.

During the event, Senator Mohamed Faki appreciated the people of Changamwe for their support. He extended his gratitude to the entire county.

“I would like to thank Changamwe and the entire Mombasa County for holding our hands during the last elections and allowing us to lead,” Faki said.

As part of their commitment to giving back to society, Senator Mohamed Faki empowered over 80 registered groups, most of which comprise women and people with disabilities (PWD).

Mombasa Governor, Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir interacting with some of the attendees at the event on Saturday in Changamwe.
Photo: Mapenzi Kitsao

These groups received various resources, including chairs, water tanks, and other essential items.

In addition to expressing gratitude, MP Omar Mwinyi, with the support of Senator Faki, called for unity among Mombasa County leaders for the sake of the county’s development. Mwinyi emphasized that disunity among leaders has led to issues such as the privatization of the Kenya Ports Authority and the agreement to sell the Kenya Petroleum and Refinery Limited to Kenya Pipeline. He urged the leaders to set aside their differences and work together toward development, emphasizing unity breeds success.

During his speech, Mwinyi also challenged the leaders to create programs that empower the youth to be self-reliant. He encouraged the youth to embrace these opportunities and work with the leaders to secure a prosperous future.

“I challenge us to create programs allowing youth to depend on themselves. Let the youth embrace this challenge as well,” Hon. Mwinyi’s remarks on the matter.

Senator Faki (Left), MP Mwinyi (Center), and Gon. Nassir (Right) during the thanksgiving event at Bomu stadium in Changamwe.
Photo: Mapenzi Kitsao

Governor Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir assured the revival of the Mombasa Yangu Program, specifically aimed at benefiting the youth. He also highlighted the importance of taking responsibility for the positions they are given and working diligently.

“I assure you that Mombasa Yangu will return in a different style. The youth should therefore take responsibility in their positions and work accordingly, “said the governor;

Furthermore, the governor pledged to strengthen cooperation between the county government and the constituency leaders. He promised to invest in infrastructure projects, such as installing toilets at Bomu Stadium, ensuring access to healthcare through NHIF, and supporting the education sector by providing nutritional programs and bursaries for ECDE children and secondary students.

Senator Faki giving out gifts to the women and youth groups that attended the function.
Photo: Mapenzi Kitsao

However, some citizens raised concerns about the need for more employment opportunities for the youth and the organization of the blue economy. They urged the county government to create more space for youth employment, emphasizing the importance of proper organization in the blue economy sector.

Senator Mohamed Faki’s initiative to give back to the Changamwe constituency in Mombasa County is a testament to the dedication and commitment of the elected leaders. Their efforts to empower various groups, foster unity among leaders, and invest in vital sectors will contribute to the overall development and well-being of the community they serve.