It is quite ironic to think that racism cannot happen in your motherland.

Kenyans are shocked to learn about the discrimination and mistreatment that our very own rally drivers had to endure during the awarding ceremony.

It has been revealed three days after the rally when the rally drivers came forward to share what they termed a humiliating experience.

According to Joe Kariuki, one of the drivers, he fails to understand how they were left stranded and confused at the podium after the visiting drivers were awarded, even though they both went through the required regulations and passed all the tests equally.

Expressing his frustration, Joe highlighted that he should have at least received the award from the Naivasha governor where he comes from.

“It was a total shame at the podium. Soon as they had conferred the awards to these big shots, alongside the President and all the media present, we were left to scramble amongst ourselves for awards. It was total chaos you cannot believe that my navigator John Ngugi and I were left stranded on stage as a female usher passed our award to us,” Joe said.

Issa Amwari, one of the drivers who emerged 4th, said he got his award after all the big guests had left and were left to award themselves with no official present.

Issa added that the awards were passed around by a model who didn’t even want to be in the photo.