By Linda Wamaitha

Elite club from KEMU are set to launch the ‘Agribizz’ portal that will enable customers purchase products at regulated prices.

In partnership with the County Government of Mombasa, customers will have less worries about food prices. The website will reduce the worry of having to dress ‘commonly’ for customers to buy farm products at a fair price.

Jason Ondieki, chairman of Elite Club told Gilitics Media that the portal will be able to include the farmer, the government and the customer in one place, doing away with the middleman.

“The farmer can be able to put his or her produce and the customer will be able to purchase directly from the portal while the government regulates the prices,” said Ondieki.

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the price of products markets hiked and we are yet to recover from the inflation. However, Jason and his team saw a gap and felt the urge to fill it through technology.

“Covid-19 impacted our business positively. Actually, it is Corona that motivated us to form this club,” he added.

Apart from the county government, Jason appreciated KEMU for providing them with the system and equipment for their project. He further urged the institution to help them in recruiting members by reducing the registration fee.

“The school is supportive since it provides us with Wi-Fi and everything else that we need. However, it is hard to recruit members. No one wants to join because they fear the charges in every semester,” he said. “It would be very supportive if they reduced the cost of registration,” he added.

Apart from designing portals and websites, Elite Club also offers ethical hacking for both individuals and companies.

They have succeeded in launching a few other innovations such as the Eatery Yumm Pizza web, and are looking forward to launching the Intel Park and Agribizz.

Jason encourages young people to venture into technology, saying it has a lot of opportunities. “Technology is the future. We should embrace it,” Jason urged.

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