By Allan Kai

A collection of music artist from the coast, mainly Mombasa and Kilifi counties, in a beautiful song called “Haki Iwe Ngao” have called out the police for their rampant acts of brutality that Kenyans have become accustomed to over the years and most recently while enforcing the curfew order.

Speaking to Gilitics media, the artists who hail from different parts of Mombasa said that they have been aware of how the police treat civilians and they felt they needed to say something about it, so they did it the best way they know how. Through their music.

The group came together under the banner Afro Gunda and includes celebrated coastal artists, Chappatizo, Ohms Law Montana, Pday, Bemru, Victoria Saher, Alkenia Luv, Katoi Wa Tabaka, Kitole Kenda among others.

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The song is a call for justice. It borrows the third line of the first stanza on the Kenya National Anthem which translates to English as “Justice Be Our Shield”.
The video was shot and directed by an up and coming video director and producer Kibwana Abdalla of Oxygen Pictures and features snip bits of police harassing civilians in the name of enforcing the law while disregarding human rights.

The song premiered on the groups page on You Tube last night and is steadily gaining traction while receiving praise from fans.