By Gilitics Media

Over 8000 families have been left homeless and are currently living in Internally Displaced Peoples Camps in Tana River Delta, Tana River County, due to the floods which swept through the region early this year.

Upon coming to know of their plight, a group of friends from Mombasa county, under the banner “Pamoja”, decided to take matters in to their own hands and organize for a way to assist the people of Tana River Delta.

Through their contacts in the corporate world and private individuals, the group was able to enlist the assistance of organizations such as Earth Angels, Red Cross, Early Birds’ Banda and other well wishers who gave their contributions in terms of food, clothing and beddings.

As the country is fixated on the corona virus pandemic, and rightfully so, it seems like the plight of other Kenyans facing hardships has taken a backseat and many are left to suffer in agony as they try to make ends meet.

The group made a first visit to the Delta and managed to help 500 families, and upon realizing that was not enough, they carried out a second phase of donations on 26th June, 2020 where they were able to provide 205 more families with essential commodities.

Some local and international organizations and well wishers are currently assisting in Tana Delta, and Pamoja is currently in search of more donors and well wishers to come to come on board and help these vulnerable people, as they seek to embark on the third phase of their relief effort.

They are calling for donations of food stuffs, especially dry foods and anything that is non perishable as well as children’s and baby clothes, diapers, sanitary towels, mosquito nets and other essential commodities as they are in dire need of assistance.

Pamoja is a group of friends who are professionals in different fields, who have been together for many years carrying out Corporate Service Responsibility initiatives within the coastal region. They are a founding force behind Mombasa Lenses, which is a group that nurtures amateur photographers within the coastal region.