By Ian Mutiso

Youths have been urged to actively participate in climate change challenge initiatives for sustainability and continuity in making the world a better place.

Azeb Asrat, Rotary Club International District Governor said youngsters have the energy and potential to significantly contribute to humanitarian efforts to combat the negative effects of climate change.

Speaking during a tour of various Rotary clubs in Nakuru, Asrat stated that for any project to be sustainable, the beneficiaries must own it and actively participate in it.

She further added that the youth are the intended targets of such large projects.

Asrat reaffirmed the government’s commitment to collaborate with Rotary clubs on environmental conservation initiatives, such as planting trees and water projects.

These initiatives, she said, could help reduce the negative impacts of drought and other climate change challenges. 

“Matters of environment are key, and that is why as Rotarians, we shall continue supporting government initiatives aimed at addressing climate change,” Asrat said.

She applauded Rotarians’ efforts to improve livelihoods through charitable work across several sectors.

The Rotary Club of Nakuru donated hearing aid to pupils from Nakuru Ngala special school and mobility aid devices to members of the physically challenged community.