By Brenda Webbo

Youths have been urged to embrace entrepreneurship to boost the country’s economic growth during the Youth Empowerment Programme Initiative (YEPI) summit at City Blue Creekside Hotel in Mombasa.

Amani Katana, YEPI Executive Director, advised young men and women to embrace technology and entrepreneurship to tackle the country’s high unemployment rate.

Speaking to the press at the summit, Katana said the youth should use their initiatives and innovations rather than depend on public and private institutions for employment.

He also said that YEPI programmes encourage young people to regain control of their lives through entrepreneurial skills.

Katana further stated that the youth organization came into existence to address unemployment, poverty and extreme violence among the youth in the country.

Khadija Abdalla, YEPI Programme Coordinator, said the business summit is a networking platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, corporate and government leaders committed to supporting and developing entrepreneurship.

She encouraged youths to take a leading role in entrepreneurship activities to improve their lives.

Ms. Abdalla added that the conference aims to find solutions to the unemployment situation in the country.

Victor Owino, Founder and director of Trek Africa, a tour and travel firm, said the conference gave the young entrepreneurs the mindset of becoming the shapers of their destiny.

He added that through the YEPI forums, entrepreneurs learn how to position their products and make them stand out.

This year’s theme is Promoting Sustainable Entrepreneurship Driver for Growth.