By Patrick Chiriba
Uber has lowered its service fee from 25% to 18% after being granted a transport network
license to operate in Kenya by The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA).
Drivers from the ride-hailing company last week shut down services in protest of what they
termed as non-compliance by transport network companies.
The drivers faulted the companies for providing discounts to customers and asked them to
reduce the commission rates from the current 25% to 18%. 
Speaking after receiving the transport network license, Imran Manji, Head of East Africa for
Uber stated that they are committed to find workable solutions that benefit both riders and
riders using the platform as well as the business.
“Uber has been actively collaborating with regulators to help determine the future of ride-
hailing in Kenya ever since our launch. Since our 2015 start in Nairobi, this has been our
goal, and we have been committed to it,” he added.
The Uber Business has utilized its platform to assist in the opening of thousands of
previously unrealized economic prospects for drivers in Kenya while also improving drivers’
access to transportation options.
“We are without a doubt thrilled about our future in Kenya. We will continue to be dedicated
to engaging with policymakers, increasing the standard of safety, assisting drivers in the
expansion of their businesses, and enhancing the riding experience for our customers,” Imran
The platform’s drivers will continue to have access to all of the safety features that are
accessible to them, including the in-app emergency button, round-the-clock in-app assistance,
and the ride check feature.