By Gabriella Nashiva

Flower gardens are beautiful and they give your space a relaxed and scented atmosphere. However, truth be told we cannot eat flowers, and with the unexpected turn of events 2020 has bestowed upon us, we can all agree that we should be more prepared for the worst in the years ahead of us.

Food security in our country remains threatened by drought, locust infestation, the Covid-19 pandemic among other factors. This alone should make you and I think of ways to grow our own food, at the very least so that we can sustain our homes.

Vegetable gardens are not only beautiful, but practical as well, in that they can be a source of food and some sort of income. At first it may seem impractical turning your beautiful flower garden into a vegetable garden, but the results will definitely be worthwhile.

Vegetables are not only nutritious and yummy, but they also give your space a beautiful green look. Vegetable gardens work for homes, schools, malls, institutions and even pathways as long as you get the permission to use the piece of land from the owner. However small the piece of land is, you can transform it into a vibrant vegetable lawn!

Plants that one could consider planting in a home garden include egg plant, cowpeas, kales (skuma wiki), spinach, tomatoes, and onions among other vegetables. By carefully planning the garden, these plants will make your space look beautiful and appealing.

When getting your vegetable garden started, ensure the garden is positioned in such a manner that it receives enough sunlight, for as many hours as they can during the day. Vegetables like other plants rely on sunlight for photosynthesis and chlorophyll formation. Watering is also an important consideration. Make sure your vegetables receive enough water; at least twice a day preferably in the mornings and evening to avoid evaporation. Also be careful not to overwater as it will cause root rot which will damage your vegetables. Ensure your soil is well drained. Adding manure will boost the fertility of your soil for better harvest. You will then decide whether to use organic or chemical fertilizer for your garden.

Vegetables are prone to pest and diseases therefore having pest control measures in place will allow you to grow your vegetables with ease. This includes weeding and watering two times in a day. Getting a vegetable garden can be a good outdoor activity to do with your children not only is it bonding but also it is productive! What better way to teach them to reap what they sow.