By Ian Mutiso

Mombasa county commissioner, John Otieno has assured citizens that the government will increase security across Mombasa city during the holiday season.

Speaking in his office at the Uhuru na Kazi building, Otieno stated that patrols by both uniformed and plainclothes officers will take place in public areas including beaches.

“We are planning to strengthen patrols across Mombasa and its environs especially places with a higher concentration of people,” he said.

These places, he said, are targeted for opportunistic crimes. They include market areas, tourist hotspots, hotels, open-air concerts, as well as airports and train stations.

This will help monitor and look-out for anti-social elements and help the general public in times of need.

The county commissioner urged owners of restaurants, hotel businesses, shopping malls, and entertainment joints to increase security checks on people and vehicles accessing their facilities during the holidays.

He applauded the Nyumba Kumi initiative for collaborating with security authorities to safeguard Mombasa citizens’ lives and property in an effort to reduce crime.

The administrator reassured locals and visitors that a multi-agency security team has been established to conduct widespread crackdowns on criminal gangs terrorizing Kisauni and Likoni sub-counties.

He also issued a warning to criminals that their illegal activities will not be tolerated.