In Partnership with Boost Your Business Program , Close The Gap KenyaIn today’s world, most women suffer from skin and hair conditions. Rich Organics brings you 100% organic hair and skin products. Our Products are made from rich oils, butter, and nutrients from fruit peels which would’ve ended up in land pits.After long research, we found women in our community needed good organic products to help them tackle skin and hair conditions.Skin conditions like cracked, dry chapped skin, eczema, acne and hyper-pigmentation are very common today. Also, hair conditions such as hair loss, breakage, dandruff, male pattern baldness, diminishing hairline, dry fizzy, and course hair.The result of the above conditions is low self-esteem. On the other hand, our environment is being damaged daily with garbage all over. There is a lot of nutrients and vitamins good for both our skin and hair in fruit peels and seeds. To bridge this gap and solve both problems, Rich Organics brings you the best products made from rich organic oils, butter, and nutrients from fruit and vegetable peels. Rich Organics also uses recyclable glass packaging, furthermore, we offer a small discount for every packaging returned. FB & IG: baitul jameel beauty worldContribute to our course 

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