By Brenda Webbo

The recent court decision regarding LGBTQ rights has sparked condemnation from religious leaders across different denominations in Kenya, saying it could threaten the country’s moral fabric.

Arthur Kitonga, an overseer of the Redeemed Gospel Church, said that Evangelical and Mainline churches will unite to speak out against the ruling and advocate for a different path.

The overseer added that LGBTQ activities will not be allowed in Kenya.

The Evangelical Alliance has also threatened to gather signatures from its members to push for legislation that would criminalize LGBTQ activities.

Sammy Wainaina, a Provost of the ACK, stated that if enough people sign the petition, Kenyans can reject the court’s decision, asserting that the country is greater than any court.

“There are many people with other degradation. I hear there are people who can and can’t stop stealing and others who are sexual perverts in many forms, not just homosexuals. Do we register them as a society? We don’t. So, what makes this special?” he added.

Dr. David Oginde from CITAM said that the country needs to petition the Attorney General to seek an advisory opinion from the Supreme Court on the promotion of LGBTQ rights, as it is a matter of general and national importance.

Attorney General Justin Muturi has promised to challenge the ruling, arguing that it is a matter that Kenyans should be consulted on, as it touches on the moral fabric of society.

The AG said that the debate should be taken out of the courtroom and subjected to public participation.