By Mercy Ndunda

“Opportunities are there. You have  to take risks and chances in order to break through in the tech sector.” Cabinet Administrative Secrtetary Nadia Abdalla said during the third day of Pwani innovation week 2022.

The CAS spoke while seated at a panel dubbed women in technology hosted by Pwani techowgalz.

The interactive panel featured the presence of different women breaking barriers in the tech world from different sectors around the world.

Among the panelist were, Dr. Catherine Adeya, Director of Research, World Wide Web Foundation, Wanjiru Waweru, CEO and Founder, FunKidz Limited, Joan Nabusoba, Pwani Teknowgalz among other women who have made a footprint in the tech.

The panelists emphasized on working on making opportunities at personal levels, and building self innovated jobs as the main steps to end dependency on foreign countries as Africa.

They urged young women in technology to find mentors who would lead them towards upscaling their journey towards innovation.

Dr. Adeya, encouraged young women innovators to grab opportunities and try their luck no matter the requirements.

“You should apply for the opportunities without looking at the limitations put in place. Also, have mentors who can guide you through your journey.” Said Dr. Adeya.

Panelist Maureen  Mwaniki ,director at. Women in Tech Huawei, urged girls to take advantage of the Digitruck, which is a multifunctional IT lab fit inside a 40 ft container on wheels.

She further encouraged them to spread awareness about the resource, which will enable innovators to learn more.

“There are so many opportunities around Mombasa on matters regarding technology and innovation such as the Digitruck which is currently here. All you need to do is create awareness and make people aware of such activities and events that they may indulge in,” said Ms. Mwaniki.

Hamida Mustafa, a tech mentor at the Moringa School insisted on the use of available resources to create a better world. By improvising through using available resources, innovators would create opportunities for themselves, even globally

The Moringa School is amongst the startups and corporates camping at the PIW showcasing the courses on software development and data science courses that they offer.

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