By Adrian Maloba

UK’s communications regulator OFCOM, has proposed to end the use of Fax machines in UK offices and replace it with Internet Protocol [IP] technology.

According to a report from the BBC, OFCOM upon consulting with other stakeholders, found it necessary to end the use of Fax machines in UK offices, and replace them with IP technology, by 2023.

BT and KCOM are two Hull based telecom universal service providers established by OFCOM and USO to provide fax services in the UK since 2003.

Fax machines, work by allowing its user to send exact copy of pages and images to the recipient, using telephone line.

They have in the past allowed for sharing of information on big money deals with tight deadlines, like house sales and football players transfers in European league among many others.

These services have been retired by EPL clubs, who currently send desktops faxes and scanned document via emails during their transfer activities.

In 2018 health services completely banned buying of fax machines with an aim of phasing them out by 2020.

However, according to reports, there are still a few fax machines in use within National Health Services and many other hospitals.

OFCOM seeks to implement these changes by early next year.