Allan Kai

Women and girls from Moroto slums in Tudor ward, Mvita constituency yesterday received sanitary pads donations and other hygiene products to help them get through the corona virus pandemic without worrying about their menses.

The donations were handed out by the Usaidizi Women And Girl Child Society through their team leader Peninah Mwakio in association with the C’vilizer Foundation, led by its founder, Mombasa County Assembly Youth Representative, Moses Aran.

In a statement to Gilitics Media, Aran decried that “most of the philanthropic attention during this Covid 19 pandemic has been geared towards food donations while forgetting that the less fortunate women and girls still have to take care of their menstrual health. Hence, the forming of this initiative to make sure that all women and girls in all 30 wards in Mombasa get the sanitary pads to get through the tough times.”

The donations are primarily geared towards women and girls from informal settlements around the county with beneficiaries on that day being from Manyimbo Estate and Bandarini Moroto, Tudor ward.

Usaidizi Women And Girl Child Society has over the years been involved in sensitization campaigns targeted at helping women and girls that are less fortunate in and around Mombasa. The sanitary towel drive is set to head to Kilifi and Kwale counties as well.

Other notable initiatives undertaken by the organization in conjunction with the C’vilizer Foundation include the Girl Child IT Sponsorship initiative under the Youth representative’s office that has seen many girls get computer literacy in order to help

them secure employment opportunities.